Authors: Eula Bianca Villar and Francesc Miralles

Year: 2019, Volume 28 No. 3
Pages: 112-120


The role of sustainability is gaining ground in management and entrepreneurship research especially in the midst of increasing exposure of the society to grand challenges. This paper provides a narrative review of the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship (SE) and juxtaposes it with the concept of grand challenge. The narrative review in turn surfaces a potential framework on how the discourse in both areas can be converged. The framework proposes how grand challenges can be integrated as a critical component in the SE literature. In turn, this paper seeks to inform future conversations on SE both in the theoretical and applied fields to be grounded on addressing grand challenges.

Keywords: Grand Challenges, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Narrative Literature Review, Sustainability Research Framework
JEL Classifications: L26, L31, Q01