Junius W. Yu
De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

Year: July 2015
Volume: 25 No. 1
Pages: 63-80


The study focuses on the three factors of Creativity Management namely visual, number, and word. The research examines the concept of creativity from a historical, psychological, and development stage until it is differentiated from innovation. The article corresponds to the evolution of creativity in conjunction with management. Moreover, the study discloses on the need of students in terms of creativity and management by identifying the related factors in conjunction with business application. Results of this study reveal that students are inclined towards visual creativity with a 69% frequency as well as the highest Coefficient of Determination at 0.6611. Bivariate correlations showed that Creativity Management Index was significantly associated with Visual creativity (positive) and Number creativity (negative). Thus, a theoretical framework was advanced and geared towards helping students to spark their creativity, nurture that idea, and harness it to fruition.