Authors: Dwinita Laksmidewi, and Yasintha Soelasih

Year: 2019, Volume 29 No. 1
Pages: 72-84


Anthropomorphism is the tendency to attribute human-like characteristics to non-human objects. We propose that anthropomorphizing nature object in green ad could trigger individual concern toward nature. This research, which consists of two studies using the experimental method, aims to examine the effect of anthropomorphic green ad on advertising attitude, brand attitude, green behavior, and intention to donate in green cause-related marketing program. The results of Study 1 showed that green advertising, which delivered anthropomorphism is able to create more positive attitudes toward brands and attitudes toward green cause-related marketing. Anthropomorphic green ad in the form of text or images, designed using human appearance and characteristics generate more positive response than the ad with no human element. Furthermore, the result of Study 2 indicates that anthropomorphic green ad also has a positive effect on the consumers’ green behavior.

Keywords: anthropomorphism, green advertising, brand attitude.
JEL classification: M31, M37, C91.