Joy Mari S. Bautista and Jazmin C. Tangsoc
De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

Year: July 2016
Volume: 26 No. 1
Pages: 30-49


Hospital service is critical to analyze because several stakeholders are essential to the inputs, processes and outputs of the entire service system. These stakeholders include patients (service recipients), health professionals (direct service providers), and hospital management (indirect service providers). Since the core of hospital service encompasses the welfare of humans, it is crucial to uphold and continuously improve service quality not just for the service recipients, as traditional service quality measurements do, but also for the service providers through a multi-perspective framework integrating significant factors for all key stakeholders in the assessment.
Given this objective, we have initially developed a framework using the basic structure-process-outcome service components. The proposed dimensions were statistically validated through structural equation modeling and furthermore through qualitative data gathering, resulting to a streamlined framework with specific dimensions that are significant across all stakeholders. After an application to a private hospital, the integration of all stakeholders’ perspectives became advantageous in exposing alarming dimensions that need improvement and dissatisfied stakeholders who need further attention. As such, the multi-perspective assessment proved to be a holistic approach in promoting overall satisfaction for not just the patients towards their service experience but also the service providers towards their service performance.