Author: Tia Mare L. Ebdane

Year: 2019, Volume 28 No. 3
Pages: 11–20


The study aimed at determining the effect of perceived desirability through perceptions on normative, regulatory, and cognitive profile; and perceived feasibility through effectiveness in marketing, innovation, management, risk-taking, and financial control measures to the sustainable growth intention of micro, small, and medium tourism establishments in an untapped tourism destination in the Philippines. Data was gathered through a survey of 95 respondents using a survey questionnaire, and was analyzed through multiple linear regression. Results indicate that only the perception on the cognitive profile was significant among the perceived desirability measures, and the effectiveness of financial control, among the perceived feasibility measures.

Keywords: sustainability, entrepreneurial intention, tourism establishments, micro, small and medium enterprises
JEL Classifications: L26, M00, Q01, Q26, Q56